Licensing Agency


Residential Child Care Licensing

The Residential Child Care Licensing unit will help simplify and enforce the Cabinet Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Human Services' duties to license and monitor child group residential faciities and child placing agencies to assure children are receiving the best care possible as outlined in the West Virginia Code §49-2-121.

If you are looking for a residential placement for a child, please visit the West Virginia Child Placement Network.

If you would like to learn more about the West Virginia Children's Home CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in operating a residential placement or child placing agency for a child, please see the following forms in the Policy section under Provider Forms:

Residential Child Care and Child Placing Agency Licensing Forms (click here for the following Provider Forms)

  • Residential Child Care and Child Placing Agency Waiver
  • Residential Child Care and Child Placing Agency License Application
  • Licensing Application Attachments
  • Licensing Process for New Providers
  • AFS Monthly Report-Child Placing
  • AFS Monthly Report Directions-Child Placing
  • AFS Runaway Event Survey-Child Placing
  • AFS Monthly Report-Residential
  • AFS Monthly Report Directions-Residential
  • AFS Runaway Event Survey-Residential

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