Become a SNS Provider

‚ÄčThe West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Social Services has contracted with Aetna, the Managed Care Organization (MCO), which has contracted with KEPRO Intelligent Value to serve as the ASO, or Administrative Services Organization, for socially necessary services. The purpose of the ASO is to provide administrative services necessary to enforce the Department's policies and to complete the authorization process of services in child welfare cases. Socially Necessary has been chosen to designate the class of services governed by this new process.

How to Enroll as a Provider:

The Socially Necessary Services program is currently in the middle of a redesign. To become a socially necessary services provider, any individual or agency which meets the designated criteria and submits the appropriate documentation stated in the Request to Provide Services packet the potential provider would receive would be considered. Once all documentation and necessary steps are completed, the Regulatory Management Unit within the Office of Children and Adult Services with the Bureau for Social Services will then provide a letter of approval or denial to the potential organization/individual and begin the process of setting up the provider to provide the chosen services. As of June 14, 2021, we have also opened the Socially Necessary Services program for expansion of services and/or counties to existing providers.  

Any changes in geographic coverage or the provision of additional services will require the submission of a Socially Necessary Services modification form and additional information, as requested, to the ASO and the Department.

Socially Necessary Services (SNS) Provider Forms and Documents

Please visit the forms page and scroll down to SNS Provider Forms and Documents for the following:

  1. Enrollment Application
  2. Expansion Request
  3. ASO Codes of Conduct
  4. Instructions for Invoicing Socially Necessary Services
  5. SNS Addendum ID Badges
  6. SNS ASO Invoice Template
  7. SNS Monthly Report Desk Guide
  8. SSN Provider Agreement
  9. SNS Stanardized Monthly Report
  10. SNS UM Guidelines
  11. WV DHHR W9

How are Socially Necessary Services Authorized?

Authorization to deliver socially necessary services is obtained from KEPRO Intelligent Value. Authorization is dependent on the provider meeting the qualifications to deliver the service/services, the submission of all required information to the ASO and the prior approval by the ASO for the delivery of the service/services.  The ASO will offer provider training and technical assistance to those who desire to participate.


Once a provider has completed and submitted the enrollment forms, they will need to contact KEPRO Intelligent Value to receive training on how to use the authorization process. The website for KEPRO Intelligent Value is

Resolving Conflicts:

SNS Communications SOP provides instructions on how to resolve conflicts between ASO providers and West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources staff. It is not intended to change policies and procedures for accessing or using necessary services; it is a mechanism to resolve problems with services.