Adult Specialized Family Care

Specialized Family Care (SFC) is a statewide placement and family support system designed to service the needs of chilren and adults with developmental disabilities. SFCP is a specially trained foster family setting option for any individual with developmental disabilities.


In 1981, resulting from a class action lawsuit, Medley v. Ginberg, 492 F. Supp. 1294 (1980), the West Virginia Department of Health, Education, and Human Resources along with a comprehensive behavioral heatlh center, began to make it possible for individuals with developmental disabilities to move from state facilities into community settings. SFC helps link children and adults wtih intellectual or developmental disabilities wtih families within the community and is a collaboration of the Department of Health and Human Resources and the Center for Excellence in Disabilities that is funded under an agreement with the Bureau for Social Services.

Specialized Family Care Home

A Specialized Family Care Home is a specially recruited and trained family that provides training and nurturing in a family atmosphere for anyone with a developmental disability. A host family provides specialized services under contract with a placement agency. The home is a place where an individual can grow and develop to their maximum potential mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.  In many instances, the Specialized Family Care home becomes the person's permanent home.

The Specialized Family Care Consumer is

  • A person needing support, care, training and personal attention that a family can provide,
  • A person needing respite care away from their natural family,
  • A person who is a Medley Class Member or Medley at-risk person, and,
  • A person eligible for Title XIX Waiver Services or Medicaid Personal Care Services.

The Specialized Family Care Provider family

  • Provides 24-hour, day-to-day care, support, training and supervision to persons with developmental disabilities,
  • Includes persons with developmental disabilites in family and community activities,
  • Participants in program planning to best address the needs of persons with developmental disabilities,
  • Receives on-going training, respite services and financial support,
  • Agrees to monthly monitoring and annual certification standards, and
  • Receives personal satisfaction from having an individual grow to their maximum potential.

A Medley Class Member or Medley at-risk person is:

All persons under the age of twenty-three (23) years who suffer from intellectual or developmental delays that term is defined by WV Code §27-1-3 who are citizens of the State of West Virginia, who are unable to live in their homes due to lack of resources in their homes or in their home communities to fulfill their special needs arising from their intellectual or developmental disability, and who are now or will in the future be institutionalized by reason of the failure of the named defendants, or their successors in office, to provide foster homes or other community facilities which can provide the required resources.

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