Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program & Audit

The Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) is required to perform audits of Electronic Health Record (EHR) payments. Click here for additional information, forms and checklists related to the EHR audit process.

The West Virginia Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Provider Incentive Payment Program web portal is officially open. Click here to register and attest for the WV Medicaid EHR PIP Program if registration at the National Level Repository (NLR) has been completed.  Click here to register with the National Level Repository (NLR). The process to complete registration and attestation for the WV Medicaid EHR PIP Program are:

1) Register at the National Level Repository (NLR). Wait two (2) business days to allow the registration information to transfer to the WV Medicaid EHR PIP Program web portal.

2) Register and attest at the WV Medicaid EHR PIP Program web portal.

Please use the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Resources links on this web page to help answer questions. For additional assistance with the WV Medicaid EHR PIP Program please email dhhrehr@wv.gov or call 1-888-483-0793, select option 8 when prompted.


​ Total WV EHR PIP payments as of February 23, 2015​ ​ ​ ​
​Hospital Count Hospital Amount EP* Count EP Amount Total Count ​Total Amount
​47 $59.6 million​ ​1450 ​$26.9 million ​1497 ​$86.5 million
 *Eligible healthcare professionals

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) Provider Incentive Payment (PIP) is a federal program offering financial support to assist eligible providers to adopt (acquire and install), implement (train staff, deploy tools, exchange data), or upgrade (expand functionality or interoperability) certified EHR technology.  The program goals are to improve outcomes, facilitate access, simplify care, and reduce costs of health care nationwide by:

  • Enhancing care coordination and patient safety
  • Reducing paperwork and improving efficiencies
  • Facilitating information sharing across providers, payers, and state lines
  • Enabling communication of health information to authorized users through state Health Information Exchange (HIE) and the National Health Information Network (NHIN).

Incentives will be available through both Medicaid and Medicare.  Eligible healthcare professionals will be required to choose between Medicaid and Medicare.  Those in border counties should choose the state from which they will receive the incentive payments.  Hospitals may be able to receive incentive funds from both programs.  The Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) will administer the Medicaid EHR PIP program for West Virginia.

EHR Audit Eligible Professionals (EP's) and Eligible Hospitals (EH's)

State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan
Health Information Technology Planning Document (HIT P-ARD)
Health Information Technology Implementation Advanced Planning Document (HIT I-APD)
EHR FAQs revised 10/23/17

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