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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Fee Schedule

​​​​​​​​Disclaimer: Note that the absence or presence of a reimbursement code and its associated allowance on these pages does not guarantee Medicaid coverage of the item or procedure. Please refer to the appropriate West Virginia Medicaid provider manual for coverage determination.

Important Notice! 

Per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicaid programs must follow the competitive bidding fee schedules for durable medical equipment (DME) published by Medicare. Currently, the only area in West Virginia that participates in the competitive bidding program for DME is the Huntington, West Virginia area, which includes Cabell, Putnam and Wayne counties. As of March 14, 2020,  Code A4928 is now being covered due to COVID-19.

Please see memo and Competitive Bid Area (CBA) Fee Schedule below:
Durable Medical Equipment Memo

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  CBA-Huntington Fee Schedule                         CBA-Huntington Fee Schedule

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​DME Competitive Bidding Fee Schedule                                       DME Competitive Bidding Fee Schedule 
DME CY 2024 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2​024 Fee Schedule Effective 4/1/24​ - 3/31/25​
DME Competitive Bidding Fee Schedule                                       DME Competitive Bidding Fee Schedule 
DME CY 2023 Fee​ Schedule                                                         DME CY 2023 F​ee Schedule  Effective 4/1/23​ - 3/31/24 
DME Competitive Bidding Fee Schedule                                       DME ​Co​mpetitive Bi​dding Fee Schedule Effective 4/1/23 - 3/31/24
DME New Procedure Codes                                                          DME New Procedure Codes  Effective 4/1/22 - 3/31/23
DME CY 2022 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 20​22 Fee Schedule Effective 4/1/22 - 3/31​/23
DME CY 2021 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2021 Fee Schedule Effective 4/01/21-03/31/22
DME CY 2020 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2020 Fee Schedule Effective 4/1/20 - 03/31/21
DME CY 2019 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2019 Fee Schedule
DME CY 2018 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2018 Fee Schedule
DME CY 2018 Fee Schedule, Effective 6.01.18                            DME CY 2018 Fee Schedule, Effective 6.01.18
DME CY 2018 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2018 Fee Schedule
DME CY 2017 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2017 Fee Schedule
DME CY 2016 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2016 Fee Schedule
DME CY 2015 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2015 Fee Schedule 
DME CY 2014 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2014 Fee Schedule 
DME CY 2013 Fee Schedule                                                         DME CY 2013 Fee Schedule