DRG Weights Updates

​Disclaimer: Note that the absence or presence of a reimbursement code and its associated allowance on these pages does not guarantee Medicaid coverage of the item or procedure. Please refer to the appropriate West Virginia Medicaid provider manual for coverage determination. 

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2023 DRG Weigh​ts Update              202​3 DRG Weights Update
2022 DRG Weights Update              2022 DRG We​ights Update
2021 DRG Weig​hts U​pdate              2021 DRG Weights Update 
2019 DRG Weights Update              2019 DRG Weights Update
2018 DRG Weights Update              2018 DRG Weights Update
2017 DRG Weights Update              2017 DRG Weights Update
2016 DRG Weights Update              2016 DRG Weights Update
2015 DRG Weights Update              2015 DRG Weights Update
2014 DRG Weights Update              2014 DRG Weights Update
2013 DRG Weights Update              2013 DRG Weights Update
2012 DRG Weights Update              2012 DRG Weights Update  




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