Minimum Stock Requirements

Effective October 1, 2018, the below minimum stock levels are required of all authorized and applicant grocery vendors.  An inability to obtain or continue to stock these minimum amounts and minimum varieties in any category at the store site may result in application denial, or in the case of authorized grocery vendors, sanction point assessments or denial of reauthorization application.  Refer to the West Virginia WIC Approved Shopping Guide for approved foods and approved packaging sizes.
During the on-site inspection performed as part of the application or reauthorization process, or during routine monitoring, a State WIC representative will check your stock levels to ensure these minimum levels are present on the date of review.  Please be aware that a representative from the State Office can make either an announced or unannounced visit to your store at any time.
Per West Virginia WIC Policy & Procedure 8.11, Authorized WIC Vendors may request exemptions from minimum stock requirements for individual food categories based on the last 12 months of store redemptions.
These requirements are only the minimum amount and variety required to be stocked in your store.  It is strongly encouraged for WIC Vendors to stock as many varieties of WIC approved foods as possible.   
If you have any questions or concerns about the rules and regulations of the West Virginia WIC Program, please feel free to contact the West Virginia WIC Program’s Vendor Management Unit by telephone at (304) 558-1115 or by email at