Women and Infants

WIC foods support your healthy lifestyle choices and your baby's development.  You will enjoy a variety of foods such as milk, cereal, eggs, juice, peanut butter and beans, plus fruits, vegetables, whole grains and yogurt!   The WIC supplemental foods that are offered to participants are aligned with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the American Academy of Pediatrics' infant feeding guidance.

Choices For Moms To Be

Your WIC foods promote healthy weight gain for you and your baby.


Choices For Fully Breastfeeding Mom And Baby

Your WIC foods support your supply of breast milk, and provide your growing baby's complete nutritional needs.  Plus, fully breastfeeding moms receive the largest WIC food package.

Choices For Partially Breastfeeding Mom And Baby

Your WIC foods are low in fat and high in fiber to help you maintain your strength to care for your baby. 

Choices For Minimally Or Not Breastfeeding Mom And Baby

 Your WIC foods provide nutrients essential for your baby's growth and development.

UPDATE:  Effective January 29, 2019, the West Virginia WIC Program will begin to provide Similac Soy Isomil for healthy infants needing soy-based formula.  Notice was mailed on December 20, 2018 to all infants currently provided Gerber Good Start Soy.  For healthy infants using milk-based formula, Similac Advance OptiGRO, Similac Sensitive, Similac for Spit Up, and Similac Total Comfort will continue to be available through the WIC Program.