What is WIC, and What Does WIC Provide?


What is WIC?

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) has been improving pregnancies and preparing kids to learn for 40 years.  The program provides nutrition counseling, parenting advice, breastfeeding support, food assistance, and referrals to help you and your family live a healthy life.

WIC is a short-term program designed to improve lifetime nutrition and health for everyone in your family.  WIC provides services to married and single parents (working and not working), and fathers, mothers, grandparents, foster parents, or legal guardians residing with a child under the age of five.

How Can WIC Help My Family?

WIC provides nutrition, breastfeeding support, health education and other services, free of charge, to pregnant women, mothers, infants and children up to the age of five.  WIC teaches moms what to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding and what to feed their growing children.

We know budgets are tight.  WIC provides you with healthy foods to help you save on groceries so you have more to spend on other things your family needs.  With all the services we offer, WIC can improve the health of your entire family.

Services and Benefits

     Personalized nutrition counseling 

     Breastfeeding counseling and support

     Healthy food

     Referrals to childcare and health insurance programs 

     Medical and dental care referrals

     Health and social service resources

     Immunization screenings

     Tips on healthy eating 

Food Provided Through WIC




     Peanut Butter



     Dried or canned beans

     Infant formula and medical foods

     Fruits and vegetables

     Whole grains

     Baby foods