What Do I Need to Bring to My First Appointment?


You need to bring the following information to the WIC appointment:


     Identification such as a driver's license


     Birth Certificate, crib card or hospital discharge papers for infants


     Proof of address, such as rent receipt, utility bills, etc.


     Proof of household income, such as pay stubs, a TANF or SNAP eligibility letter or Medicaid card


     Proof of pregnancy from a doctor, health department or Family Planning Clinic


     Immunization records for infants and children


     eWIC cardholder, if available


     A dry diaper may also be helpful




This information is reviewed, along with the participant's health history.  A health screening is performed on each participant.  From there, information is entered on growth charts, and evaluated individually to determine WIC eligibility.  Participants are then counseled by a health professional.  Eating habits are discussed and food histories are evaluated.  At that time, participants are informed of their eligibility and WIC program responsibilities.


You should expect to spend about an hour for each appointment.  Many clinics offer evening hours for your convenience.