Appointment Cards

WVCDHH has developed a medical appointment brochure and reminder card to provide to doctor's offices. These documents will help to explain that an interpreter is needed.

The brochure explains your rights and the process of finding a qualified interpreter.  Provide this to your doctor's office at your first appointment. Use the reminder card to remind them of your request for your next appointment. Before you give either card to your doctor's office, fill in the information on the front with your name, the doctor's name, and your appointment date and time.

If you want paper copies of these cards, please contact us. The links below will take you to the brochure and card so they can be printed at home. Cutting and/or folding may be necessary.
You may also suggest that your doctor's office view the website to get more information.

Give this to your doctor's office to explain your right to an interpreter.

Give this to your doctor's office as a reminder that you will need an interpreter for your next appointment.