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Aliens, Refugees and Citizenship

C18 - TOC                 Table of Contents

Section 18.1              Definitions

Section 18.2              Citizenship and Alienage

Section 18.3              Immigration Documents

Section 18.4              Benefit Programs

Section 18.5              Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlements (SAVE) and Qualifying Quarters of Coverage

Section 18.6              Sponsored Aliens

Section 18.7              Deeming of Ineligible/Illegal Aliens Income or Assets

Section 18.8              Deeming Income/Assets of Alien's Sponsor Before December 19, 1997        

Section 18.9              Emergency Medicaid for Illegal/Ineligible Aliens

Section 18.10             Refugee Assistance Program

Section 18.11             Asylee Eligibility For Refugee Cash and Medical Assistance Program

Section 18.12             Victims of Human Trafficking Who Are Non US Citizens Eligibility

                                  For Refugee Cash And Medical Assistance                                 

APPENDIX A              Examples of Immigration Documents

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