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Long Term Care

C17 - TOC                  Table of Contents

Section 17.1               Introduction              

          Nursing Facility Services

Section 17.2               Application/Redetermination

Section 17.3               Case Maintenance

Section 17.4               Verification

Section 17.5               Resource Development

Section 17.6               Notification

Section 17.7               Common Eligibility Requirements

Section 17.8               Eligibility Determination Requirements

Section 17.9               Income

Section 17.10              Assets

Section 17.11              Establishing Medicaid Categorical Relatedness and the Medical Necessity for  N

                                   Nursing Facility Care 

Section 17.12              Special Procedures Related to Coverage Groups

Section 17.13              Benefit Repayment

Section 17.14              Reserved for Future Use

Section 17.15              Management of the Personal Needs Allowance

Section 17.16              Billing Procedures and Payment Amounts             

          Home and Community Based Waiver (HCB)

Section 17.17              The Application/Redetermination Process

Section 17.18              Case Maintenance

Section 17.19              Verification

Section 17.20              Resource Development

Section 17.21              Notification     

Section 17.22              Common Eligibility Requirements             

Section 17.23              Eligibility Determination Groups

Section 17.24              Income

Section 17.25              Assets

Section 17.26              Establishing Medical Necessity

Section 17.27              Special Procedures Related to Coverage Groups

Section 17.28              Benefit Repayment

Section 17.29              Special Data System Instructions

Section 17.30              Management of the Personal Needs Allowance

Section 17.31              Billing Procedures and Payment Amounts             

          Intellectual Disabilities and Development Disabilities (I/DD)

Section 17.32              The Application/Redetermination Process

Section 17.33              Case Maintenance

Section 17.34              Verification

Section 17.35              Resource Development

Section 17.36              Notification

Section 17.37              Common Eligibility Requirements

Section 17.38              Eligibility Determination Groups

Section 17.39              Income

Section 17.40              Assets

Section 17.41              Establishing Medical Necessity

Section 17.42              Special Procedures Related to Coverage Groups

Section 17.43              Benefit Repayment

Section 17.44              Special Data System Instructions

Section 17.45              Personal Needs Allowance

Section 17.46              Billing Procedures and Payment Amounts             

          Intermediate Care Facility/Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR)

Section 17.47              The Application/Redetermination Process

Section 17.48              Case Maintenance

Section 17.49              Verification

Section 17.50              Resource Development

Section 17.51              Notification

Section 17.52              Common Eligibility Requirements

Section 17.53              Eligibility Determination Groups

Section 17.54              Income

Section 17.55              Assets

Section 17.56              Establishing Medical Necessity

Section 17.57              Special Procedures Related to Coverage Groups

Section 17.58              Benefit Replacement

Section 17.59              Special Data System Instructions

Section 17.60              Management of Personal Needs Allowance

Section 17.61              Billing Procedures and Payment Amounts              

          Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver (TBI)             

Section 17.62              The Application/Redetermination Process

Section 17.63              Case Maintenance

Section 17.64              Verification

Section 17.65              Resource Developments

Section 17.66              Notification

Section 17.67              Common Eligibility Requirements

Section 17.68              Eligibility Determination Groups

Section 17.69              Income

Section 17.70              Assets

Section 17.71              Establishing Medical Necessity

Section 17.72              Special Procedures Related to Coverage Groups

Section 17.73              Benefit Repayment

Section 17.74              Special Data System Instructions

Section 17.75              Management of the Personal Needs Allowance

Section 17.76              Billing Procedures and Payment Amounts

APPENDIX A              Transfer of Resource Policies

APPENDIX B              Remainder Interest Tables

APPENDIX C              Patient's Rights   

APPENDIX D              Nursing Home Medicaid Rates

APPENDIX E              Life Expectancy Tables

APPENDIX F              Reserved for Future Use                                

APPENDIX G              Long Term Care Period Life Tables           

APPENDIX H              Transfers Made on or After 8/11/93
                                 Transfers Made on or After 2/8/06

APPENDIX I               Contract Agency Listing

APPENDIX J               Long-Term-Care Insurance Partnership (LTCIP) State's Implementation Dates

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