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Specific Medicaid Requirements

C16 - TOC                  Table of Contents

Section 16.1              Introduction

Section 16.2              Relationship with the Children with Special Health Needs Program

                                 (Formerly Office of Handicapped Children)     

Section 16.3              Medicaid Eligibility Between Coverage Groups

Section 16.4              Relationship Between Coverage Groups

Section 16.5              Categorically Needy, Mandatory-For Families and/or Children

Section 16.6              Categorically Needy, Mandatory - For Aged, Blind  or Disabled

Section 16.7              Categorically Needy, Optional

Section 16.8              Medically Needy, Mandatory - For Families and/or Children

Section 16.9              Medically Needy, Mandatory - For Aged, Blind or Disabled (MS,NS)

Section 16.10            Medically Needy, Optional - For Families and/or Children

                                 (AFDC/U-Related Medicaid for Adults)     (MAOR, MAOU, NAOR, NAOU)

Section 16.11            General Assistance for Disabled Adults (GA for DA)
                                 Discontinued July 1, 1996 - Historical Information Only

APPENDIX A             Guide to Transitional Medicaid

APPENDIX B              Medicaid Coverage Groups Discontinued 10/31/13

APPENDIX C              Public Forms

                                  DFA-BCC-1 - Medicaid Application - BCCSP Participation


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