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Organizational Support
During the past 12 months, did your worksite…
1.      Conduct an employee needs and interest assessment for planning health promotion activities?
2.      Conduct employee health risk appraisals/ assessments through vendors, on­site staff, or health plans and provide individual feedback plus health education?
3.      Demonstrate organizational commitment and support of worksite health promotion at all levels of management?
4.      Use and combine incentives with other strategies to increase participation in health promotion programs?
5.      Use competitions when combined with additional interventions to support employees making behavior changes?
6. Promote and market health promotion programs to employees?
7.      Use examples of employees' role modeling appropriate health behaviors or employee health related “success stories” in the marketing materials?
8.       Tailor some health promotion programs and education materials to the language, literacy levels, culture, or readiness to change of various segments of the workforce?
9.       Have an active health promotion committee?
10.   Have a paid health promotion coordinator whose job (either part-time or full­time) is to implement a worksite health promotion program?
11.   Have a champion(s) who is a strong advocate for the health promotion program?
12.   Have an annual budget or receive dedicated funding for health promotion programs?
13.   Set annual organizational objectives for health promotion?
14. Include references to improving or maintaining employee health in the business objectives or organizational mission statement?
15.   Conduct ongoing evaluations of health promotion programming that use multiple data sources?
16.   Make any health promotion programs available to family members?
17.   Provide flexible work scheduling policies?
18.   Engage in other health initiatives throughout the community and support employee participation and volunteer efforts?
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease
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