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Hypertension and Prediabetes Screening Project

The Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease has a special focus on preventing heart disease and type 2 diabetes--two of West Virginia's leading causes of death. HPCD's Health Systems Branch works with local health departments in West Virginia to raise awareness of prediabetes and high blood pressure through screening and education.
HPCD initiated the Hypertension-Prediabetes Screening pilot project with Randolph, Grant and Mineral County Health Departments.  Staff at those health departments used these tools to screen patients:
The goal of this project is to educate and raise awareness of prediabetes and hypertension in patients, establish a screening algorithm for health departments and to create a local health department prediabetes-hypertension awareness model.
Why Screening?
  • Screening refers to the application of a medical procedure or test to people who as yet have no symptoms of a particular disease, for the purpose of determining their likelihood of having the disease
  • The screening procedure itself does not diagnose the illness
  • Those who have a positive result from the screening test will need further evaluation with subsequent diagnostic tests or procedures
  • Overall goal: Reduce morbidity or mortality from the disease by detecting diseases in their earliest stages, when treatment is usually more successful
  • Suitable screening criteria includes low cost, ease of administration, safe, imposes minimal discomfort upon administration, and is acceptable to both patients and practitioners


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