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Youth Vaping Toolkit

An E-Cigarette and Youth Vaping Toolkit was created by the West Virginia Division of Tobacco Prevention as a recommendation of the West Virginia Youth Vaping Report completed on behalf of the Bureau for Public Health in January of 2020.  The toolkit will be able to 
assist West Virginia parents, educators, healthcare providers, and community groups in addressing the vaping epidemic. It outlines opportunities for action that can be taken by various school and community-based leaders, along with resources and tools to support parents and youth to prevent or quit use of electronic cigarettes and other related nicotine devices.

A significant piece of the toolkit also created by DTP is a PowerPoint Presentation targeted specifically for adults as a learning tool for their peers.  This presentation can be used in a training type of setting by any individual, agency, or organization and should be adapted as it relates to the specific needs of the user and audience.

Access to both the toolkit and PowerPoint Presentation can be requested at no cost by clicking here.

Attention Educators:

Additionally, it was determined that educators are in great need of easy access to materials to use in their classrooms, whether virtual or in real class settings.  DTP has compiled a small list below of quick resources that educators can use for lesson plans or class activities when discussing vaping with teens.  A more comprehensive list can be found within the toolkit under the Educator Section.

Behind the Haze
Lesson Plans
Quick info on Catch My Breath
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