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West Virginia Public Health Infrastructure Initiative

WVPHII is the state’s opportunity to continue advancing public health practice to meet current needs and expectations by conducting statewide activities that build upon successful state, local and system partner relationships, existing public health leadership and focusing on impacts for sustainable results. To achieve these goals, the WVPHII is dedicated to establishing a formal and structured statewide public health performance management system that will promote effectiveness and efficiency in practice, build the workforce and ultimately improve health.

Performance management represents the Bureau’s commitment to building a statewide system using standards, measurement, quality improvement and evaluation in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. The Bureau will promote a culture of quality by defining and organizing activities aimed at measureable results and demonstration of impact. Key to implementing a successful public health performance management system will be principles of 1) transparency by communication of all efforts, 2) accountability by measuring, sharing and using results; 3) collaboration with state/local public health staff and partners; 4) building on/expanding existing efforts to strengthen the system; and 5) innovation for results by creating opportunities to develop and share promising and best practices.