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Electronic Environmental Public Health Reporting


  • To design and help bring to operational status an electronic environmental health services data reporting system in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of environmental health programs, utilize standardized data collected to guide policy and programs.


  • Communicate about the project and processes to the local health departments.
  • Design the software system specifications.
  • Work with the software vendor to develop, pilot, rollout, and evaluate system and system impact on processes, programs, and health outcomes.


  • Ten pilot local health departments are currently in the development and/or live stage.
    • Environmental modules include:
      • Food establishments
      • Land development
        • - On-site sewage systems
        • - Individual water systems
        • - Subdivision
    • Recreational water facilities
      • Swimming pools
      • Water slides
      • Hot tubs
    • Child care centers
    • Manufactured Home Communities
    • Body art
      • Body piercing
      • Tattooing
    • Complaints
    • General sanitation
      • Parks
      • Schools
      • Mass gatherings/fairs/festivals

  • Thirty-seven portable printers and tablet computers have been distributed to the pilot local health departments as of September 2012.
  • We expect to bring Phase II into our program this fall.  This will include all local health departments in West Virginia.