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Oral Health Coalition

A key piece of the OHP’s infrastructure is the West Virginia Oral Health Coalition (OHC). The OHC serves as a valuable source of community input from key stakeholders and oral health advocates. As recommended by the Oral Health Advisory Board (OHAB) and State Oral Health Plan, the OHC was established in 2010. The OHC is served by an executive council which is elected by the membership in accordance with the OHC by-laws. The executive council is charged with providing guidance and leadership to the OHC. All goals and issues taken on by the OHC are reflective of the State Oral Health Plan. The OHC has made great strides since its inception and is a true testament of the collaborative statewide efforts centered on oral health within WV.

Membership into the OHC is open to anyone who has an interest in oral health and requires no fee. The OHC membership is comprised of critical partners and stakeholders representing diverse interests. These members include an array of local, state, and community associations as well as several national organizations and agencies. These members are representative of a wide variety of demographics. If you are interested in joining, please contact us for more information.

The OHC meets quarterly in different locations around the State. Check the News & Announcements for date and location of the next meeting.

Oral Health Coalition By-Laws

Oral Health Coalition Minutes:

•December 6, 2013
•September 6, 2013
•June 7, 2013
•March 1, 2013

To obtain Oral Health Coalition Minutes prior to the dates listed, please submit an inquiry via the Contact Us section on this website, or call the Oral Health Program at 1-800-642-8522.