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Care and Support

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides HIV-related services in the United States for those who do not have sufficient health care coverage or financial resources for coping with HIV disease. The program fills gaps in care not met by other payers. 

Ryan White Part B Program Overview

The WV Ryan White Part B Program provides funding for two funded care and support programs in the state.  The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides a formulary of 122 therapies, including all of the FDA approved antiretrovirals and select ancillary drugs to approximately therapies, including all of the FDA approved antiretrovirals and select ancillary drugs to approximately 425 participants.  The Ryan White Part B Direct Services program provides comprehensive medical case management, adherence counseling, oral health services, mental health services, medications, primary care substance abuse treatment and transportation to approximately  1,183 PLWHA.  Part B services in WV have expanded the systems of care in the state to meet the care and support needs of PLWHA.  In addition, Early Intervention Services (EIS) are provided to assist in identifying individuals who are unaware of their HIV status.

The WV Part B program collaborates with other CARE Act funded programs and private providers in WV to ensure a continuum of care.  HIV primary care is provided through Part C in Morgantown, Charleston, Martinsburg and Wheeling.  Private providers also serve clients in those cities and Huntington, Bluefield and Parkersburg.  Some PLWHA access services with out-of-state providers in cities bordering West Virginia.  As the payer of last resort, the Part B programs in WV support PLWHA with wrap-around services for clients who have Medicare Part D, Medicaid and VA healthcare.  Consistent with Health and Human Service Guidelines, the program strives to provide the critical services that help ensure that PLWHA in WV enter and remain in care. 

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