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HIV/AIDS Reference Websites
The inclusion of links to sites not produced by one of the above listed agencies does not mean the content of these sites has been reviewed, approved, or validated by the above agencies. The links are provided as a convenience for users of this site who must use their own judgment concerning the information contained on the linked sites.

CDC/DHAP - The Centers for Disease Control, Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention's mission is to prevent HIV infection and reduce the incidence of HIV-related illness and death, in collaboration with community, state, national, and international partners.

CDC/NCID/DASTLR - The Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Division of AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research was established in 1995 to centralize CDC's laboratory studies on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), other human retroviruses, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), hematologic disorders, and mycobacteria.

NIAID/NIH/DAIDS - The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Division of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome was formed in 1986 to address the national research needs created by the advent and spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Division’s mission is to increase basic knowledge of the pathogenesis, natural history, and transmission of HIV disease and to support research that promotes progress in its detection, treatment, and prevention.

U.S. FDA - The United States Food and Drug Administration HIV/AIDS Program works closely with outside individuals and advocacy groups on issues related to HIV/AIDS, informs the HIV-affected community of activities and policies at FDA related to HIV/AIDS, represents patient and community views and concerns to the agency, serves as a resource for HIV/AIDS-related information, explains the regulatory processes affecting development and approval of new therapies, represents FDA at a range of public and government meetings related to serious and life-threatening illnesses, and assists in development of federal government policies and regulations related to HIV/AIDS.

Johns Hopkins AIDS Service - This web site is provided as a resource for physicians and other health care professionals in providing care and treatment to patients with HIV/AIDS.