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Injection Safety

Information for Patients

Resource Description Date Posted
Frequently Asked Questions CDC webpage for patients with frequently asked questions about safe practices for medical injections. July 10, 2014
A Patient Safety Threat: Syringe Reuse Contains a video for patients adressing the topic of syringe reuse. July 10, 2014

Information for Providers

Resource Description Date Posted
Practice Guidelines:
Safe Injection Practices CDC page on preventing transmission of infection to patients through safe injection practices. July 10, 2014
2007 Isolation Precautions Guidelines CDC guidelines document for preventing transmission of infectious agents in healthcare settings. July 10, 2014
General Information:
Injection Safety Checklist CDC resource for tracking injection safety practices. July 10, 2014
CDC Information for Providers CDC webpage with information on injection safety directed at healthcare providers. July 10, 2014
Safe Medical Injection Practices FAQ CDC webpage with frequently asked questions about safe practices for medical injections. July 10, 2014
Assisted Blood Glucose and Insulin Administration FAQ CDC webpage with frequently asked questions regarding assisted blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration. July 10, 2014
Continuing Education Activities CME, CNE, and CEUs regarding injection safety. July 10, 2014

Resources and Toolkits

Resource Description Date Posted
Infection Prevention for Outpatient Settings: Minimum Expectations for Safe Care
Guide CDC document outlining infection prevention practices for outpatient (ambulatory care) settings. September 9, 2014
Checklist Companion to the Guide to Infection Prevention for Outpatient Settings (above). September 2016
CDC One and Only Campaign:
One and Only Campaign Home The main page for the CDC's One and Only Campaign website. July 17, 2014
One and Only Campaign Healthcare Provider Toolkit A collection of useful documents for healthcare providers to address injection safety. July 17, 2014
One and Only Campaign Videos Collection of video media for spreading the information of the One and Only Campaign on injection safety. July 17, 2014
One and Only Campaign's Interactive Single Dose or Multidose Infographic Interactive infographic providing education related to use of single-dose or multi-dose medication vials for providers, healthcare facility managers, and patients. July 17, 2014
Preventing Unsafe Injection Practices CDC webpage on how to prevent unsafe injection practices. July 17, 2014
Drug Diversion CDC website providing information on outbreaks associated with drug diversion (when medications are obtained or used illegally) as well as resources for prevention. July 17, 2014
Patient Notification Toolkit Collection of resources useful for performing patient notification regarding injection safety. July 17, 2014
CDC's Injection Safety Communications:
CDC-INFO: On Demand Publications Access CDC publications related to injection safety and other topics of interest. May 6, 2014
Safe Healthcare: Injection Safety Visit CDC's Safe Healthcare Blog on injection safety. July 17, 2014
CDC Injection Safety RSS Subscribe to CDC's RSS Feed featuring news on injection safety. July 17, 2014