How To Replace Your Card

​​​​There are 5 ways to get a replacement EBT Card:

1. WV EBT/FIS Automated System (IVR) – Call the number on the back of the card (1-866-545-6502)
and use the IVR to request a new card.
2. WV EBT/FIS Customer Service Representative (CSR) – Call the number on the back of the card (1-
866-545-6502) and speak with a CSR.
3. DHHR Customer Service Call Center - Call 1-877-716-1212 and speak with a DHHR Customer
Service Representative.
4. Local County Office – Visit your local DHHR worker and request a replacement card. Click here for a
list of county offices.
​5. WV Office of Banking Services/EBT – Call 304-558-4126 and speak with EBT Staff.

  • Be sure to report if the card was lost, stolen or damaged when you call.  When using the IVR, you will press two (2) after you have entered the card number. If you do not have the card, let system ask for card and then wait.  When no number is entered you will be redirected to an agent.
  • Make sure your address is correct when ordering a new card. 
  • Once you order a new card, your old card will no longer work.
  • If you find your old card after ordering a replacement, it is recommended that you destroy it.  Your old card cannot be reactivated after a replacement card has been ordered.
  • You should receive your new card within 7-10 business days.