How To Avoid Transaction Fees

Cash is only available with your Mountain State Card if you are eligible and approved for WV WORKS and/or Child Support Incentive Payments.

How to Access Cash with Your Mountain State EBT Card at No Cost

1. Use your card at a store Point of Sale (POS) machine.
         a. Request cash back with a purchase at participating retailers.
         b. Purchase goods directly using your EBT Card.
2.  Know the services and policies of your retailers.
         a. Some will honor the full amount of your benefit as a service to regular customers.
         b. Some are set up for the purchase of a money order using your EBT Card.
         c. Some charge less fees when getting cash back at the service counter rather than through checkout lanes.
3.  Facts about fees at stores or ATMs.
         a. A notice must be posted if a store/ATM charges a surcharge for using your EBT card.
         b. There should never be a fee for a SNAP purchase.  If a retailer charges a fee for a SNAP purchase, notify your local DHHR Office or the Food and Nutrition Service Office at 304-347-5944 immediately.

Two types of fees when using your Mountain State EBT Card

1. Surcharges are fees the owner of the ATM will charge you for the privilege of using their machine. That fee is deducted from your benefit balance on your EBT card.  A notice must be posted stating there is a surcharge and the amount.  If you don’t want to pay the surcharge, simply choose “Cancel” to quit the transaction.

2. Transaction fees are the charges FIS will apply against your benefit balance when you exceed three transactions at a ATM per month.  The State of West Virginia has contracted with FIS to cover the costs of the first three transactions for each cardholder.  With the fourth transaction, a $1.00 fee will automatically be deducted from your account, which is in addition to any surcharge that may be charged for the use of the ATM.

Bank of America
All Bank of America ATMs are free with EBT cards.

All Citibank ATMs are free with EBT Cards.