Fraud Alerts

​*Vishing Scheme Posing as FIS Tech Support....more  16 July 2021​​

​Some FIS clients may have been targeted by criminal actors conducting or vishing (voice phishing) attack claiming to be "FIS Tech Support" and using a spoofed telephone number of 800.215.8260.  

*USDA Warns of Text Message Scams Targeting SNAP Recipients....more 10 September 2020

Never share personal information with individuals or organizations that you do not know.  
Personal information includes your social security number, bank information, or SNAP electronic benefits transfer card or PIN number.

*USDA Warns of Scams Targeting SNAP Recipients...more  24 March 2020

*Multiple states have reported scams of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards due to skimming machines   February 2019

Mountain Sate Cardholders using common PINs (such as 1111 or 1234) should reset them now.

Report any money lost due to fraud to your local DHHR office.