Farmers Markets and SNAP

SNAP purchases are not limited only to participating stores. 

Many of the Farmers Markets here in West Virginia also accept SNAP benefits.  When you use your Mountain  State EBT Card at your local Farmers Markets, you are purchasing healthy and locally grown foods, while also supporting your local farmers.

Find a Market Near You


​SNAP Stretch​

With SNAP Stretch, you can double your purchasing powers when you use your SNAP benefits.  Plus, when you bring a child, you could even triple your SNAP benefits.  Please visit West Virginia Farmers Markets Locator to find your local market and those participating in SNAP and SNAP Stretch. 

To learn more about SNAP Stretch and how it works, please watch this video by The Wild Ramp - SNAP Stretch Video

 Note: Not all Farmers Markets Accept SNAP Benefits - Please use the locator​ provided above or ask your market before shopping.