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Statewide Therapist Loan Repayment

  • “Statewide Therapist Loan Repayment” (STLR) is a new project of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. 

The vision of the STLR project is to contribute to West Virginia’s recovery, in employment as well as health, at the individual and community level. 

  • STLR will repay up to $20,000 of awardees’ eligible student loan expenses in exchange for a 2-year service obligation at a qualified location in the state of West Virginia.

Candidate Eligibility and Awards

  • Eligible candidates include:

1) Individuals who have graduated from a master’s level therapist program in counseling, psychology, or social work between May 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019, or

2) Individuals who are in their final year of a master’s level therapist program in counseling, psychology, or social work and will graduate by August 31, 2020.

  • Priority will be given to candidates who are themselves in recovery and have “lived" experience.  
  • Awards will be provided post-graduation for successful applicants after agreeing to the 2-year service obligation with a qualified employer (that provides professional liability insurance coverage) and agrees to the terms and conditions of the STLR guidelines.  Applicants are not required to know their employment site at time of application.
West Virginia Eligible Employers
  • Office Based Medication Assisted Treatment (OBMAT) Organizations
  • Health Right Clinics or other free clinics 
  • Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP)
  • Private practices that accept Medicaid payment for behavioral health care   

Additional Information  
        Notifications regarding award status will be mailed by December 31, 2019.     

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