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Detox and Withdrawal Management Workshop - Clinical Pathways and Practical Applications 10.23.19  
Workshop recording*
*Information about the recording: The presentation starts about 12 minutes into the recording. Near the 60 minute mark, there is a conversation that interferes with the presentation for close to 10 minutes, so you may want to mute until the conversation is over. The recording does not pause for the networking lunch (around the 2:10 mark on the recording, lasting for 45 minutes), before picking up the next set of presenters, and the recording continues to run after the final speaker.

PowerPoint Presentations from the Workshop:
Workshop Agenda
Introductory Presentation by Robert Hansen and Christina Mullins
Clinical Pathways for Withdrawal Management Presented by Dr Louis Baxter
ASAM Patient Placement Criteria - Dr Baxter Presentation Slide 6
Innovations and Practical Applications Presented by Jeffrey Thomas
ARMOT Presented by Kami Anderson and Mike Krafick
A Compass for Integration: An Overview of Nurse Navigator Services Presented by Vince Mercuri
The Symphony of Change Presented by Vince Mercuri

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