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West Virginia Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

Through an important partnership between the WV Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities and the WV Bureau for Public Health, below you will find community data snapshots for all 55 counties in West Virginia. 
The WV State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) launched and has been supportive of the county profiles project and will continue to lead a statewide, overall systemic approach to comprehensive needs assessment and planning process, which will yield a plan to address the gaps in substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery.  
The SEOW is housed and led by the WV Bureau for Behavioral Health & Health Facilities in order to  facilitate the use of data in policymaking and program decision-making for substance abuse prevention at the state, county and community level. The SEOW is comprised of 26 organizational and individual partners who serve as subject matter experts.

 The SEOW is comprised of 26 organizational and individual members who include:  

 •  CAMC Center for Health Services  & Outcomes Research  • WV Coalition to End Homelessness
 • WV Bureau for Children and Families  • WV Division of Corrections    
 • WV Bureau for Medical Services  • WV Department of Education, Office of Healthy Schools  
 • WV Bureau for Public Health,    Health Statistics Center  • WV Department of Education, Office of Research
 • WV Bureau for Public Health, Epidemiology and Prevention Services  • WV Health Care Authority
 • WV Bureau for Public Health, Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health  • WV National Guard
 • First Choice Services, Inc.  • WV Poison Center
 • Governor's Highway Safety Program  • WV Division of Motor Vechicles
 • WV Higher Education Policy Commission  • WV Public State Police
 • WV Coalition Against Domestic Violence  • WV Supreme Court of Appeals
 • CAMC Center for Health Education & Research Institute  • WV Division of Justice and Community Services-Office of Research & Strategic Planning &Justice Center for Evidence Based Practice
 • WV Statistical Analysis Center  • WV Rural Health Association
 • CAMC Health Education & Research Institute  • WV Controlled Substances Monitoring Program-WV Board of Pharmacy


Additional Resources:

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For Research Questions please contact:

Sarah Sanders 304.356.4346