Family Support Centers


West Virginia's Family Support Centers (formerly Family Resource Centers or FRCs) are warm and welcoming places in the community where any family member with children up to age 18 or pregnant families can go, not only in times of need, but as a regular part of day-to-day life. Family Support Centers (FSC) offer parent education classes, child development activities, parent-to-parent support groups, after school and academic enrichment, General Educational Development (GED) and literacy instruction, health information, and referrals to programs, activities and services in the community. Each FSC's specific services are designed in accordance with the needs of the community.  FSC services are voluntary and available to all interested families.​

FSC services are not restricted to at-risk families, but offered to any family in a community who would benefit from the services and programs available. Currently, 53 counties are covered by 56 FSCs.​

Click here for a map of FSCs in your county and here​​​​​​​​​ for the 2023/2024 West Virginia FSC Directory.

Additional Family Resources

To find a list of available social services in your county, visit​ and click on your county. Family Resource Network community resource guides are available at each county link.

You can download a PDF copy of the contact person for the Family Resource Center in each county. To view the Family Resource Center county list and map, visit​​.

To learn more about early childhood home visitation programs please visit the In Home Family Education Programs website at​.
For contact information on West Virginia Early Childhood Visitation programs, please visit​.​