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Parents and Caretakers

​​​​​​​When the relationship between a child's parents ends, it does not end both parents responsibility for their child. Both parents remain financially and legally obligated to their child whether the parents live together, separately, or separately from their child.

The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement establishes paternity (a legal determination of the father of the child) and support and enforces support from a child's parent.  The Bureau also enforces court orders for spousal support or alimony.

If a parent cannot pay the full support amount, the parent can apply for a modification of the support amount. the law does not allow modification unless there has been a substantial change in circumstances (incarceration of a parent is considered to be a substantial change of circumstances).  If a parent does not apply for and receive an order modifying the support amount, that amount is owed in full, with interest.

Either or both parents can apply for services with the Bureau.


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