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WV Codes for Employers

WVCODE § 48-1-204 Arrearages or past due support defined

WVCODE § 48-1-208 Bureau for child support enforcement defined

WVCODE § 48-1-223 Earnings Defined

WVCODE § 48-1-224 Employer Defined

WVCODE § 48-1-228 Gross Income Defined

WVCODE § 48-1-230 Income Defined

WVCODE § 48-1-240 Source of Income Defined

WVCODE § 48-1-244 Support Defined

WVCODE § 48-1-245 Support Order Defined

WVCODE § 48-12-108 Certain liabilities of parent for contributions under the plan subject to enforcement; exceptions

WVCODE § 48-12-110 Employer, union to notify IV-D agency within forty days of receipt of notice

WVCODE § 48-12-111 Employer's duties upon service of national medical support notice; notice from another state

WVCODE § 48-12-112 Employer's duties where court-ordered coverage available

WVCODE § 48-12-113 Signature of custodian of child is valid authorization to insurer; insurer's obligations

WVCODE § 48-12-114 Notice to be transferred on parent's change of employment

WVCODE § 48-12-115 Insurer to notify custodian when obligated parent's employment is terminated or coverage is denied, modified, or terminated; explanation of conversion privileges; employer to notify bureau of termination

WVCODE § 48-12-116 Child is eligible for coverage until emancipated; remedies available if obligated parent fails to provide ordered coverage; failure to maintain coverage is basis for modification of support

WVCODE § 48-12-117 Mandatory date for use of the national medical support notice

WVCODE § 48-12-118 Failure of employer to comply with medical insurance coverage; penalties

WVCODE § 48-14-105 Mandatory provision for wage withholding

WVCODE § 48-14-207 Modification of support order with the assistance of Bureau for Child Support Enforcement

WVCODE § 48-14-401 Support orders to provide for withholding from income

WVCODE § 48-14-402 Commencement of withholding from income without further court action

WVCODE § 48-14-404 Enforcement of withholding by bureau for child support enforcement

WVCODE § 48-14-405 Information required in notice to obligor

WVCODE § 48-14-406 Notice to source of income; withholding in compliance with order

WVCODE § 48-14-407 Contents of notice to source of income

WVCODE § 48-14-408 Determination of amounts to be withheld

WVCODE § 48-14-409 Time for implementing withholding

WVCODE § 48-14-410 Sending amounts withheld to bureau; notice

WVCODE § 48-14-411 Time withholding is to stay in effect

WVCODE § 48-14-412 Notice of termination of employment or receipt of income

WVCODE § 48-14-413 Combining withheld amounts

WVCODE § 48-14-414 Sending amounts withheld to division; notice

WVCODE § 48-14-415 Misdemeanor offense of concealing payment of income to obligor; penalty

WVCODE § 48-14-416 Request to source of income for information regarding payment of income

WVCODE § 48-14-417 Priority of support collection over other legal process

WVCODE § 48-14-418 Misdemeanor offense for source of income's action against an obligor; penalty

WVCODE § 48-14-801 When monthly payments may be increased to satisfy overdue support

WVCODE § 48-14-802 Notice of increase in monthly payments to satisfy overdue support

WVCODE § 48-14-803 Application to support orders of courts of competent jurisdiction

WVCODE § 48-16-102 Definitions

WVCODE § 48-16-501 Employer's receipt of income withholding order of another state

WVCODE § 48-16-502 Employer's compliance with income withholding order of another state

WVCODE § 48-16-503 Employer's compliance with two or more income withholding orders

WVCODE § 48-16-504 Immunity from civil liability

WVCODE § 48-16-505 Penalties for noncompliance

WVCODE § 48-16-506 Contest by obligor

WVCODE § 48-16-507 Administrative enforcement of orders

WVCODE § 48-18-125 Employment and income reporting

WVCODE § 48-18-132 Access to information

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