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Electronic Payments

The West Virginia Bureau for Child Support Enforcement (BCSE) would like to assist in making your payment of child support easier through the use of Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange (EFT/EDI).

If you would be interested in sending your payments electronically instead of by paper check, you have several options:

  • Your in-house information technology (IT) staff may be able to create a file to send to your bank for transfer. The guidelines for this process are outlined in the USER GUIDE FOR ELECTRONIC CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS. Pay particular attention to the section(s) about the Child Support Addenda (DED) Record concerning data formats.  More information is available on the NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association) website,
  • Many accounting and payroll software packages support making electronic payments. Contact your software user’s group or software representative to find out if they meet the requirements for sending child support payments.
  • Your bank may offer software that will enable you to produce a file to be submitted for electronic payment. Contact your banking institution and ask for someone in “Cash Management”, “Treasury Management” or “Treasury Services” for assistance.
  • Your bank or payroll processor may provide this service directly.
  • Contact an independent service provider. Many of these services are web based and easy to use. You can contact us at the number(s) listed below for some common provider names.

After you have secured the means to send your payments electronically, you will need to complete some basic start-up procedures with BCSE before sending them. Contact the number(s) listed below when you are ready to proceed. These procedures will typically include:

  • An exchange of bank routing and account information.
  • Learning the recipient name and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code to use in the file you will be sending.
  • Conducting a case reconciliation between you as the employer and the BCSE record of Social Security and case numbers to ensure each employee’s payment will be properly credited. Please contact us to make arrangements for faxing a list of your employees. We will verify the information and contact you with any necessary changes.
  • We also request the company name and FEIN of the sender.
  • Some employers are required or elect to send a ‘prenote’ test file before submitting actual payments to make sure everything is working properly. We accept, but do not require, prenotes prior to accepting payments.

After these procedures have been completed, we will be ready to receive your payments electronically.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the WV BCSE Employer Relations Unit at 800-249-3778 (or 304-558-4665 in Kanawha County).

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