Family Child Care Homes

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Family Child Care Home, please read the Family Child Care Information packet and the Family Home Registration Requirements.  After reading these documents complete the Family Child Care Needs Assessment and Letter of Intent, and mail to the address included.



Title 78, Legislative Rules, DHHR, Series 19, Family Child Care Home Registration Requirements

Family Child Care Information Packet

Disaster Planning Form Family Child Care 


The forms below are available for you to download and print to use after you have been approved as a Family Child Care Home.

Child Medical Information Form

Emergency Information Form

Medication Permission Form

Child Care Attendance Sheet

Provider Training Record

Child Care Provider Incident Form

Pet Acknowledgement Form

Responsible Pet Ownership Form

Immunization guidelines can be found here 


If you have any additional questions, the map below has the contact information for Family Child Care Regulatory Staff

Family Child Regulatory Staff‚Äč