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Office of Drug Control Policy

News - June 14, 2019: Collection and Exchange of Data Related to Overdoses Legislative Rule filed with the West Virginia Secretary of State and open for public comment until July 17, 2019. Click here to view the rule.

In 2017, House Bill 2620 was signed into law creating the Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP). Under the direction of West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) Cabinet Secretary Bill J. Crouch, the ODCP leads development of all programs and services related to the prevention, treatment and reduction of substance use disorder, in coordination with Department bureaus and other state agencies. Click here to view the Strategic Plan.
Director, Bob Hansen

Assistant Director, Rachel Thaxton

Strategic Planner, Gary Krushansky

Executive Assistant to the Director, Dora Radford
WV Department of Health and Human Resources
Office of Drug Control Policy
One Davis Square, Suite 100 East
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 558-0684
Senate Bill 273 (Opioid Reduction Act)
Effective June 7, 2018, the legislation sets limitations on opioid prescriptions and authorizes a “nonopioid directive” patients can put in their medical files, formally notifying health care professionals they do not want to be prescribed or administered opioid medications. Learn more
Governor’s Council on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
The Governor’s Council on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment provides guidance and recommends priorities addressing substance use disorders in West Virginia. 
Pilot Projects
In February 2019, Governor Jim Justice announced a partnership between the Office of Drug Control Policy and West Virginia University on a pilot project in Berkeley and Jefferson counties. This project will work with community partners to strengthen and expand prevention and recovery resources and implement activities across the continuum of prevention, early intervention, treatment, overdose reversal, family support and recovery. This is the second pilot project spearheaded by Gov. Justice. The first pilot project, announced in February 2018, is based in Wyoming County and is a partnership between the ODCP and Marshall University. 
West Virginia Opioid Response Plan
The ODCP worked with a panel of national and regional public health experts to garner public input and review science-supported options to reduce the number of overdose deaths in the State. Learn more.
West Virginia Overdose Fatality Analysis 
In January 2018, DHHR released the 2016 West Virginia Overdose Fatality Analysis: Healthcare Systems Utilization, Risk Factors, and Opportunities for Intervention The effort was led by DHHR, the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn more.  
Overdose Reporting
ODCP is charged with creating a central repository of drug overdose information in order to collect data on fatal and non-fatal overdoses caused by abuse and misuse of prescription
and illicit drugs from law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, health care facilities and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner through the West Virginia Drug Control
Policy Act. Learn more.

Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund
The Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund, also known as House Bill 2428, was passed by the West Virginia Legislature during the 2017 regular legislative session.  This legislation mandates that DHHR identify need and allocate additional treatment beds in the state to be operated by the private sector. These beds are intended to provide substance use disorder treatment services in existing or newly constructed facilities.  

To donate to the Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund, please send a check, with a comment that it is intended for the Ryan Brown Fund, to:

Accounts Receivable
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
One Davis Square, Suite 403
Charleston, WV 25301


Current Funding Announcements
Funding opportunities are available at DHHR's Bureau for Behavioral Health. Learn more.

"One Decision" Opioid Awareness Film (by Adam Stewart, Boy Scout Troop 70, Lewisburg, WV, and Mark Trent, Black Lantern Productions)