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@ Against Tobacco College Initiative

The college intiative started from a need to reach 18-24 year old adults to make them aware of the dangers of tobacco and the benefits of quitting its' use.

In May 2005, around 60 representatives from 13 colleges and universities received information on the program we were offering. Each college attending was able to apply for a $5,000.00 grant to work on tobacco prevention education on their campus.  All colleges receiving the grant developed campus coalitions to involve students and facility with tobacco prevention issues and to help fellow students to quit tobacco.

Eventually we hope to have all major colleges and universities in West Virginia working on this program.  In a few years we will see a decline in the use of 18-24 year old adults, especially among college students who are heavily targeted by the tobacco industry.  We also have some early indication from our colleges that there very likely will be some "spill-over" effect to those non-college 18-24 year olds who live near college campuses.

The Short of It All...

By following the successful template of West Virginia's teen anti-tobacco movement, RAZE, the "@" Against Tobacco program was established to provide an avenue for college students to speak out against big tobacco.

We encourage all college students to join.  Wether you're a user or a non-user, you can help the "@" Against Tobacco program expose big tobacco lies.

Tobacco companies spend billions of advertising dollars every year targeting every generation. That is why your voice is valuable, and can help us grow not only in number, but also in strength. Start making a difference now.

For information about how your college or university may become a member contact Owen Walker at 304.356.4204 or e-mail



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