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Save Face - Stop Spit Tobacco


Smokeless tobacco has been directly linked with cancer of the mouth, pharynx (throat) and the larynx (voice box).  It can cause cancer of the esophagus, gum disease and tooth loss. The prevalence of smokeless tobacco use among WV adult males is about 16%, which is twice the national average.

The Save Face-Stop Spit Tobacco Program is an educational program overseen by the WVU School of Dentistry which addresses the high rate of spit tobacco use in West Virginia.

Armed with spit specific television and radio ads, and help from our Regional Networks we are diligently working to reduce the spit tobacco use rate in WV.  

We also have a Save Face Program Manager who covers several counties in WV. The Program Manager provides cessation classes for both smokers and smokeless tobacco users. Kathy Bailey can be reached at 304-320-0601 or

Our ABOUT FACE Program addresses spit tobacco for the military and their families.

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