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  • WV Tobacco Quitline

    The West Virginia Tobacco Quitline provides highly trained, certified phone coaches to help participants quit tobacco. The program also offers nicotine replacement therapy for qualified enrollees, and information and materials on quitting tobacco... Read More

  • WV Youth Tobacco Prevention Program

    The goal of the West Virginia Youth Tobacco Prevention Program is to prevent our young people from trying or using tobacco products and to assist the youth who do use tobacco products in reducing the amount they use or quitting... Read More

  • Clean Indoor Air

    West Virginia’s Clean Indoor Air Program’s goal is to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in the home, workplace, and in public venues such as bars, bowling alleys, and restaurants... Read More


In 2000, the prevalence of never-smoking (never tried cigarettes, not even one or two puffs) among HS students was 25.7% (about 21,506 students), compared to the prevalence of 53.2% (about 40,747 students) in 2013 Read more in the 2013  WV Youth Tobacco Survey

The 2015 WV Division of Tobacco Prevention Progress Report is now avalable.  Click here for access.

David from Berkeley County says "
I have been tobacco free since August 29, 2016 and I just finished my final coaching session.  I want to thank the Quit Line and especially Mandy for helping me get this far.  Mandy certainly contributed to making the job of quitting easier and totally understood where I was in the process of not smoking.  It was real pleasure of having her as my quit coach.   She is a true asset to your organization". 

A Quitline CSP recalls the following "
I just got off the phone with a man who was a 4 Pack per day smoker when he enrolled with us. That’s 80 cigarettes per day!! Today he is SMOKE FREE!

I am still tobacco free 34 months after being in the program.  I am not ever going to pick them back up again, and I am currently making my truck payment with all the money I am saving from not buying cigarettes”.

From a CSP -She was just so happy that being in our program  worked for her.  She had been saving up her money from not smoking to be able to move (over $1000 so far). She said she doesn’t even think about smoking anymore. Definitely doesn’t ever want to smoke again! She was so happy and bubbly over her accomplishment and couldn’t thank us enough.


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              Reduce Tobacco Use and Associated Conditions in WV  

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