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Welcome to the West Virginia Needlestick Injury Prevention Program. Our goal is to help identify trends in needlestick and sharp object injuries in an effort to decrease or prevent these types of injuries in West Virginia.

West Virginia hospitals, long term care facilities, home health agencies, and local health departments are required to report needlestick and sharp object injuries to the Needlestick Injury Prevention Program. This website serves as a resource for these facilities to obtain reporting forms and instructions, legislation, and a directory of companies providing safety devices that are designed to prevent percutaneous injuries in a health care setting.

Please visit the links at the left to view the available forms and information.

2010 Revised Reporting Forms Now Available

All of the reporting forms used by the Needlestick Injury Prevention Program have been revised for use beginning with January 1, 2010 injuries. Please visit the “Reporting Forms” link at the left to download the revised reporting forms.

Is My Facility Required to Report?

West Virginia Legislative Rule 64CSR82 and West Virginia Code §16-36 establish specific standards and procedures concerning needlestick injury prevention in the following facilities: 

  • All hospitals licensed under the provisions of §16-5B-1
  • All long term care facilities licensed under the provisions of §16-5C-1
  • Every local health department
  • Every home health agency certified by the Office of 
  • Health Facility Licensure and Certification
  • All hospitals and nursing homes operated by the state or any agency of the state
  • All hospitals, nursing homes, local health departments, and home health agencies which are staffed in whole or in part by public employees

Compliance with these rules is a condition of licensure. If your facility falls into one of the categories above, please contact the Needlestick Injury Prevention Program to obtain a facility code and a reporting packet containing all required reporting forms.