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Ryan White Eligibility

WV Ryan White Part B State Direct Services

Federal dollars from the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act Part B and funds from the Bureau for Public Health’s Division of STD/HIV/Hepatitis (DSHH) Program  provide for the operation of the WV Ryan White Part B State Direct Services.  The DSHH Program contracts with the AIDS Task Force of the Upper Ohio Valley to administer the program.

The statewide services provides medical case management for all eligible HIV infected West Virginia  residents.  The case managers, located across the state,  provide case management, referrals, education, advocacy and act as access points in applying for emergency financial assistance.  The home office is located  in Wheeling.  The medical case managers rely on access points  across the state that refer clients for  case management or that request emergency financial assistance for clients in the agency’s  caseload.  Services supported by the State Direct Services are divided into six core areas.  The six core areas include case management, HIV primary care, HIV related medications, oral health, mental health and substance abuse treatment.

The State Direct Services Program serves approximately 900 clients annually.  The program collaborates closely with other Ryan White CARE Act funded programs to coordinate client services and to avoid duplication of services.  The program places a strong emphasis on accessing and remaining in HIV primary care.

The medical case managers also serve as access persons for clients who wish to acquire services through the other Part B programs: the Insurance Continuation Program and ADAP.

To be eligible for State Direct services, participants must be:

  • A resident  of West Virginia
  • Certified in writing to be HIV infected
  • Have a current  income less than 250% of the current Federal Poverty Level

Information about HIV Care may be obtained by contacting Jay Adams:
Phone: 304-232-6822
EMail: jayadams3@sbcglobal.net
Address:  Jay Adams, HIV Care Coordinator
                PO Box 6360
                Wheeling, WV  26003