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Measles, mumps make comeback in Ohio where parents can choose whether to vaccinate kids


Newsnet5 ABC Cleveland
By: Ann Geyser, Lee Jordan

At Rainbow’s Family Clinic, Dr. Robin Strosaker is the director of Inpatient Services and while she admits, kid’s do not like getting shots, it is important they do.

“Nobody likes to see a child in pain, get poked a bunch of times. But it’s so much kinder than having a child get ill and potentially pass away from vaccine preventable illness,” said Dr. Strosaker.

In fact, diseases like measles and mumps made a comeback this year, partly because some parents chose not to get their children vaccinated. In Ohio, the law provides parents an exemption based on "reasons of conscience."

Dr. Strosaker says some parents link vaccinations to autism, a link she says simply is not true.

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