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McMaster scientists working on new melt in your mouth vaccine


CBC News

Those melt-on-your-tongue mouthwash strips on sale at the grocery checkout don’t just zap your foul-smelling pizza breath — it turns out they have spawned potentially life-saving public-health innovations, too.

Scientists with the Biointerfaces Institute at McMaster University are using a compound found in the breath-freshening film to create what they say is a simpler, more cost-effective method of administering vaccines in low-income countries.

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Carlos Filipe, the lead researcher on the project, says he hopes the tabs his team has developed will eliminate the need to refrigerate vaccines while they’re being transported or stored overseas.

“About 80 per cent of the cost of vaccination is around distribution,” said Filipe, a professor of chemical engineering who specializes in molecular biology. “But we are trying to get around that.”

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