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Editorial, Measles should not be making a comeback


Charleston Daily Mail
June 19,2014

‚ÄčEvery reader of a certain age remembers measles. They view it as a childhood disease that most baby boomers survived, as the chances of death were less than one per thousand.

Vaccinations came along in the 1960s, and the number of cases plummeted in the United States from their 1950s average of 542,000 a year to an average of 60 cases a year in the first decade of this century.

The vaccinations also cover mumps and rubella.

But measles cases are rising. Last year, the nation suffered 175 cases as visitors overseas brought the disease back from overseas, exposing the disease to people who have never had the measles and were not vaccinated.

So far this year, Ohio alone has 361 cases.

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