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Ebola Vaccine- Why It's Taking So Long To Make One


NBC News
By Mark Koba

In the race to stop the Ebola virus in its tracks, a vaccine that would help prevent people from contracting the deadly disease would be a powerful weapon.

Yet a vaccine still seems far off, even though global health officials are urging countries and companies to fast-track efforts to develop one, without compromising safety and effectiveness.

And there's the rub. Safe and effective vaccines are difficult and expensive to develop in the best of times. That process is more challenging in the midst of a growing health crisis.

Even the medicines being tested to treat a patient already diagnosed with Ebola offer no easy solutions.

Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who is undergoing treatment for Ebola and listed in serious condition in Dallas, won't be getting the experimental drug ZMapp used on several international aid workers and medical staff, including at least two other Americans.

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