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Cancer Survivor Saved by Measles Virus Raises Funds for Expanded Trial


ABC News
By Gillian Mohney via Good Morning America

After battling blood cancer for 10 years, Stacy Erholtz has no signs of the disease, thanks to an experimental treatment that used an engineered version of the measles virus.

Now, a year after finishing her treatment, the 50-year-old mother of three is transitioning from patient to advocate, working with the Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic to expand the tiny trial that saved her life.

"When I was first diagnosed, there was not a lot of options. We strung together 10 years of life with a disease that is typically done in three to five," said Erholtz, who had tumors on her forehead, color bone, sternum and spine from multiple myeloma before the last-ditch treatment.

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