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Another Case Of Polio-Type Symptoms — Enterovirus Possibly


CBS Denver
By Dr. Dave Hnida
CBSDenver.com Blogger

Colorado doctors are treating yet another case of paralysis and muscle weakness in a child, and once again are investigating to see if there is a link between enterovirus 68 and the muscle symptoms.

The number of children affected with these symptoms has now reached 10, and there remains some mystery as to how a respiratory virus might be the cause of this kind of muscle problem.

Part of what makes this extra baffling is some, but not all of the children were found to be infected with enterovirus 68 — yet others had a recent history of a different virus, including rhinovirus — which is the virus that causes the common cold.

We know all viruses have the potential to attack different parts of the body. It’s very rare but yet it can happen. In these cases a respiratory virus has caused cough and cold symptoms, and then went on to attack the spinal cord and part of the brain.

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