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Staff Directory

Crouch, Glora
VFC Program Specialist/AFIX Coordinator (304)356-4044
Douglass, Kim

Eddy, Linda
CDC Public Health Advisor                         



Ferrell, Melissa

Frederick, Angela

Giles, Susan
VFC Provider Services Representative

WVSIIS WVEDS Support Specialist

VFC Program Specialist


Khoury, Jean Vaccines for Children Coordinator/ Vaccines for Children Coordinator/ Vaccine Manager (304)356-4049
Lewis, Brandon Associate Director, Quality Assurance Manager  (304)356-4244

Neccuzi, Jeff Division of Immunization Services Director (304)356-4035 ​
Pierson, Becky WVSIIS Trainer (304)356-4047 or 1-877-408-8930
Ross, Megan WVSIIS Trainer (304)-356-4942
Shouldis, Mark VFC Program Specialist (304)356-4080
Smith, Carolyn WVSIIS Trainer (304)356-4945
Vance, James Public Health Educator (304)356-4251
Walker, Miranda VFC Program Specialist-Nurse 3 (304) 356-4950

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