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Emergency Contact and Other Information

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(304) 347-0843
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Confidential Disease Reports:
(304) 558-8736

Other Documents:
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Observational Toolkit- Contact Precautions

Resource Description Date Updated
CDC PPE Training Videos CDC site with videos about varioius aspects of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) use. January 22, 2015
2007Guidelines for Isolation Precautions CDC resource on "Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Health Care Settings." August 15, 2014
CDC Sequence for Donning and Removing PPE PDF detailing the proper procedure for donning and removing personal protective equipment. August 29, 2017
Evaluating Contact and Droplet Precautions Program Document to develop a good contact and droplet precaution practice evaluation program. August 15, 2014
Contact and Droplet Precautions Observation Tool Document for evaluating contact and droplet precaution practices. August 20, 2014
Healthcare PPE Selection Slides on Guidance for the selection of PPE in healthcare settings June 29, 2014
Contact Observation Toolkit Collection of Resources to aid in contact observation. August 20, 2014
Strategies to prevent CLABSI 2014 update SHEA article on strategies to prevent CLABSI. July 2014
Intravascular Catheter-related infection CDC site on strategies to prevent CAUTI. August 20, 2014
Summary of recommendations CDC website with infection control recommendations. August 20, 2014
Guidelines Library CDC infection control guidelines website. February 28, 2017