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iStock_000000824306Medium.jpgHPCD works to improve the health of communities across West Virginia.  For more information, please contact Community Mobilization Manager Terri Jarvis.
Growing Healthy Communities Project: HPCD partners with the WV Development Office and the Benedum Foundation to create healthier environments in the Main Street and ON-TRAC communities. This project awarded a total of 16 mini-grants in 2013 and 2014. Projects included: creating sustainable healthy food systems, trail enhancements, complete streets, community gardens, health and wellness coalitions, farmers markets, farm to school and farm to table, creating walkable and bikeable communities. 
Try This! Movement: HPCD staff are involved in the planning process and steering committee for Try This! a grassroots movement to make WV a healthier place. The first annual conference was attended by 400 people and 42 communities received mini-grants as a result of this. Projects included: community gardens, walking and biking clubs, trail enhancements, farmers markets, improving walkability and bikeability. See
Worksite Wellness: Partner with the Wellness Council of WV to improve health and wellness in worksites across the state. This includes completing assessments of nutrition guidelines and physical activity policies in worksites, wellness programs for worksites like the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP), increasing the number of worksites that adopt nutrition and food service guidelines, and self-management programs for worksites.
Ergonomic Gardening: HPCD partners with the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities to provide mini grants to build community venues with ergonomic gardening tools and fully accessible gardens. This year thirteen mini-grants were awarded.  
WV Physical Activity Network:  HPCD was instrumental in supporting the development of the network and serve on the leadership team. The network is currently implementing the WV Physical Activity Plan, authored by WVU, which outlines physical activity practices and policies that the state should pursue. HPCD was instrumental in supporting the development of the network and serve on the leadership team. 
Early Childhood Education: HPCD staff work with Bureau for Children and Families (BCF), WVU Extension Services, KEYS 4 Healthy Kids, Choose to Change, and the Department of Education’s Office of Child Nutrition to strengthen nutrition and physical activity policies in early care and education centers in the State, providing training to improve these environments. Supported legislation during the 2014 session to improve nutrition, physical activity, and screen time in these centers.
Schools: Supported the WV Board of Education’s policy 2510 to improve physical activity in schools. The policy requires students to receive at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. Implementing training on the “From Scratch” method of food preparation that includes less pre-packaged foods and lower sodium
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